Rules of Conduct

  • Please remember that this is a recreational league, and we are playing for fun, so respect the other players. Also everyone has paid the same amount to play, so don't hog the floor, or act like an ass while you're on it.
  • No refunds will be given for any reason.

General Rules

  • NEW Any ball that makes contact with the basketball net or associated apparatus will be blown dead immediately with the ball considered out of play.
  • The game will start at the scheduled game time regardless of whether both teams are fully prepared to play, in the event that the games are delayed the referee will inform the captains when the game will begin
  • If at any time there is a difference in score in the 2nd half of 7 goals the game will be officially over, no more stats will be kept. The teams can continue to play for the rest of their time.
  • There will be a designated home and away team for each game, the home team will wear black and will start in the far end of the gym and have the "short change" in the second half. The away team will wear white.
  • Players playing full time on more than one team can choose which team they would like to play for when their teams play for each other. The team they do not play for will be able to replace them regardless of whether they are short or not, the spare will be decided by the league commissioner.
  • Referees have the option of conferring with the scorekeeper in the event of a disputed goal, the decision to confer as well as the final decision rests solely in the hands of the referee.
  • Any player who purposely slides and makes contact in a dangerous manner with another player will be awarded a penalty even if they contacted the ball first.
  • ANY stick that makes contact with an opposing player above their shoulders will result in an automatic double-minor for high sticking. The only time this will not be enforced is if the players stick is only raised above their waist due to being lifted by an opposing player.
  • ANY physical or verbal abuse of a referee, player OR scorekeeper will not be tolerated, penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct will be assessed by the referee and suspensions may be awarded, treat other players and referees with respect.
    • Any player who receives TWO unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in the same game will be suspended from the following week's game.
    • Any player who receives an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after the game has ended will be suspended from the following week's game
  • All decisions made by the referee are final.
  • Games will consist of two 20 minute periods, the referee reserves the right to shorten any period if the game does not begin on time or is going to finish late
  • Each team has one 60 second time-out per game
  • When the ball is frozen by a goalie there will be a faceoff.
  • Teams must have at least 2 females on the floor at all times, if a team is penalized then the player in the penalty box is still considered to be on the floor. Therefore if a male player takes a penalty only one male is allowed on the floor.
  • 2 minute penalties will be assessed for:
    • Body contact
    • ANY stick raised above the waist unless lifted by an opposing player
    • ANY shot where the wind up or follow through takes the stick above the waist
    • Tripping
    • Hooking
    • Interference
    • Too many players on the floor
    • Not enough females on the floor
    • Goalie interference
    • Delay of game
    • Unsportsmanlike conduct
    • Any infraction deemed by the referee to warrant a penalty.
  • An additional 2 minute penalty may be assessed at the referee's discretion for:
    • Arguing with the referee
    • Any penalty that is deemed flagrant or dangerous
  • Any goal scored from a play that resulted in an infraction will be called off regardless of whether the penalty occurred before or after the ball entered the net. ie A goal scored on a shot where the follow through was penalized for high sticking will not count.
  • Penalized players must remain in the penalty box until told by the scorer or referee that their penalty is over
  • Major penalties can be assessed at the referee's discretion, that player and team is subject to following:
    • The team will be shorthanded for a full 5 minute penalty.
    • The player receiving the major penalty will be ejected from the remainder of the current game
    • The player receiving the major penalty will be automatically suspended from the following week's game
    • The infraction will be reviewed by the league and the referee and could result in a further suspension up to and including a lifetime ban from the OFBHL.
    • A player receiving a 2nd major penalty in the same season will be suspended a minimum of 2 weeks and their case will be reviewed with a possible further suspension up to and including a lifetime ban.
  • A 5 minute misconduct can be assessed to any player for unsportsmanlike behaviour, the penalized player sits the full 5 minutes however their team is not shorthanded and the penalty does not count towards the 3 penalty limit or as an unsportsmanlike minor for suspension purposes.
  • Any incident of fighting will result in immediate ejection from the game and a suspension of no less than 1 week up to and including a lifetime ban.
  • Any player receiving 3 minor penalties in one game will be ejected from the remainder of that game. This ejection does not count as a major penalty.
  • Any incident deemed by the referee or the league organizers to be dangerous regardless of whether a penalty was called on the play could result in a suspension, the length of which will be determined by the severity of the incident and the history of the player.
  • A suspended player and their captain will be informed of the suspension within 48 hours of the incident. All spare rules apply to the suspended player's team as outlined below.
  • In any 1st round A pool playoff game or any B playoff game, if the score is tied after regulation 5 minutes of Sudden Death running time will be played, if the game is still tied a shootout will take place to decide a winner.
  • In the second or third round of the A pool playoffs, if the score is tied after regulation 5 minutes of 4 on 4 sudden death running time overtime will be played, if the score is still tied 5 minutes of 3 on 3 running time overtime will be played, if the score is still tied a shootout will decide the winner.

Regular Season Spare Rules

  • Spares may only come from within the league and must follow the rules laid out here.
  • Captains are provided the spare boxes, spares may come from the same box as a missing player or a lower one
  • Regardless of these rules, captains are encouraged to use common sense when choosing who to ask to spare for their team.
  • If a regular team member arrives late and a spare has been taken, spares must give up their spots.
  • In case of an injury during the game, a spare may be taken for the remainder of that game, but all spare rules still apply.

Playoff Player Spare Rules

  • All missing players must be replaced in all playoff games, notwithstanding emergency considerations if a captain knowingly does not replace a missing player that team will be forced to default the game.
  • For all A pool playoff games, the league commissioner will provide the captain with a list of approved spares that they may choose from.
  • For all B pool playoff games, the regular season spare boxes may be used.

Playoff Goaltender Spare Rules

  • Teams are allowed to take goaltender spares during the playoffs.
  • The league commissioner will provide the captain with a list of approved spares that they may choose from.
  • In the case of an emergency at game-time (eg. Goaltender does not show up or has been injured at the last minute) the spare must still be approved by all parties prior to the game.

Shootout Rules

  • In the case of a shootout:
    • Both teams will shoot at the same time.
    • Each team is guaranteed 2 shooters, 1 male and 1 female, the shots can be taken in any order.
    • If the game is still tied after the first round of 2 shooters, the shootout will continue with shooters alternating male then female and is now Sudden Death.
    • No player may shoot twice before everybody on the team of the same sex has shot at least once.

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